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Cheatsheet: DNS mode 2021-04-29 2021-05-09 [{tags [100daystooffload acme cli cheatsheet webdev]}]

Here's a compilation of useful commands that use a DNS-01 challenge to issue a certificate using client.

  • Issue a certificate using an automatic DNS API mode with GoDaddy: --issue --dns gnd_gd --domain

  • Issue a wildcard certificate (denoted by an asterisk) using an automatic DNS API mode with Namesilo: --issue --dns dns_namesilo --domain *

  • Issue a certificate using a DNS alias mode with Cloudflare: --issue --dns dns_cf --domain --challenge-alias

  • Issue a certificate using Namecheap DNS API while disabling an automatic Cloudflare or Google DNS polling after the DNS record is added by specifying a manual wait time (useful when concerned about privacy): --issue --dns dns_namecheap --domain --dnssleep 300

  • Issue a certificate using a custom DNS API script, placed by default at /root/ (useful with an error Can not find dns api hook when the API is not yet supported upstream), see also my other post: --issue --dns dns_custom --domain

  • Issue a certificate using a manual DNS mode, but without an automatic certificate renewal (make sure to research this method before issuing): --issue --dns --domain --yes-I-know-dns-manual-mode-enough-go-ahead-please

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