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I have published my first game 2021-03-23 2021-05-09 [{tags [100daystooffload journal]}]

Go play it at

It's a 2D relaxing puzzle game, made with Svelte, TailwindCSS, PWA and NORD theme.

IRL inspiration

The real word version of this games is called Jumpy! or something similar and the picture I have found in my archive is below.

The Jupmy! game I took an inspiration from


I have made some announcements around the Internet on Reddit, Hackernews, and Svelte's Discord channel. I have made some Toots on server.

Apart from Reddit, most other channels did not provide almost any responses, but I did not expect any. Few people on the Reddit thread asked for the code, so I have polished the repository and made it public here


This is a 13th post of #100daystooffload.