The Bachelor's thesis - Design and implementation of a portable device for creating RFID tag lists
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The main task was to construct a portable hand-held device, capable of reading the RFID tags contained in student's ISIC cards and store them onto the SD card. This task was fully accomplished and the device meets all the requirements. Additional features, like minimal user interface and a Serial connection over the USB with supportive commands were successfully included.
\subsection{Possible future improvements}
The biggest problem is absence of proper switch to turn device off. Present solution relies connectors making touch, when pushed. While it works, it is unintuitive and also unreliable. Also, the implementation of display's backlight would improve readability.
The second main concern are non-rechargeable batteries for main power and for RTC backup. The device could be improved by adding support for handling and charging the LI-PO rechargeable batteries. Used RTC chip has a charging capability, so the RTC backup battery should be changed to supercapacitor.
Also, the RFID reader module itself draws a lot of current, one order of magnitude more, compared to all other electronic. The passive LED diode contained on the module could be desoldered, to reduce the power consumption a bit.
There is also a lot of room to improve the efficiency of the firmware, regarding the power consumption. There was a little effort put in this, since the module itself draws far more current, so it is less important.