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A colorful, relaxing HTML5 puzzle game. Play at

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Technologies used


Thanks for my girlfriend Sara for showing me the IRL version, she played it when she was a little kid. The photo of IRL triangles for the interested in in my humble blog hosted on this domain (currently running Sapper, so no Tailwind there yet).

Thanks also to Carlos Ferreira for the for showing me this tech stack is possible and works nicely together. Since I have found Squares, I wanted to do such project. Now it is a reality. Go play a version Carlos made too it, it's a lot of fun.


You can clone this repo and run the code yourself. Standard Svelte run commands apply.

npm run build && npm run start
## OR
npm run dev

Now navigate to https://localhost:5000


A test run can be invoked via Cypress.

npx cypress run
# OR
npx cypress open

The game must be running in a different terminal before that. It requires the server running beforehand, you can utilize start-server-and-test to overcome this. Practices vary.

Please note that there is a problem of clicking to multiple elements, that I did not find a solution to yet, that happes during test.


  • ad
  • update icons
  • manage UI buttons
  • fix undo missing animation
  • fix undo when circle picked
  • add about page
  • fix victory / gameover modal
  • handle U, R and A keypresses
  • polish the App.svelte, it is too large
  • fix the problem of top row getting out of the screen